NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 1/15

Seems now, Lord, that even on clear and sunny days
there seem to be clouds hovering,
leaving us in the shadows
of doubt and disappointment, 
fear and confusion... 

Looks like we need a light
brighter and warmer than the sun, 
strong enough to pierce and disperse
any clouds gathering to threaten
our serenity, our dreams and our hope...

Give us that light, Lord,
send us that light and be that light
in the night, in the darkness,
in the shadows clouds leave in their path...
We pray for that light for all, Lord,
but especially for first responders;
and for those suffering from Covid
    and families and friends
        unable to come to their bedside; 
and for those with no paycheck,
    with cupboards to fill and bills to pay;
and for children with no place to go
    and no one to play with;
and for the lonely, depressed, 
   the homeless and forgotten;
for all who know the gathering gloom
   and scan the heavens in search of your light...

The sun's not doing it for us, Lord:
we need your light:
    to warm our hearts
    to brighten our spirits, 
    to lift our thoughts,
    to shine with promise,
    to enlighten our thoughts,
    to raise our minds and hearts to you...
Lord, let your face shine upon us:
hear us when we call, be gracious
and answer our prayer...
Protect us, Lord, while we lie awake 
and watch over us when we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Lord, Let Your Face Shine Upon Us  by Marty Haugen

Lord, let your face shine upon us,
let your face shine upon us,
let your face shine upon us.
Listen to my song
hear me when I call, O Lord, my God,
be gracious, hear my prayer.

You have called my name,
set your seal upon my heart,
you hear me when I call.

Fill me with your joy,
grant to me your peaceful rest
to dwell in safety with my Lord.



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