NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 1/26

I've been studying Sunday's scriptures, Lord,
waiting and watching for a nudge from you
on where to go with my homily...

I know it will come: an intuition, an idea,
a push in a particular direction (maybe a shove!)
a hint of the word your Spirit is whispering
to shape my reflection for Sunday's prayer...

A delicate business it is, Lord,
and one I don't take lightly:
I trust, every week, as the Sabbath approaches,
you'll draw my heart to the bread of your word
to break open to nourish the people I serve...

An amazing grace this is, Lord -
your desire to speak to us
and for us to hear and share your word:
wisdom for our muddled minds, 
healing for our broken hearts,
nourishment for our hungry souls...

So it is in everything and so it is for all of us:
you never fail to speak your word, the very word
that each of us most needs to hear
in our minds, our hearts, our souls...
There's something you want to tell us, Lord,
a saving word we need to hear
for we don't live on bread alone
but on every word that comes 
from the heart of who you are...
Open this preacher's mind and heart,
and the minds and hearts of all, Lord:
to recognize your quiet voice,
to be nourished by your truth
and to live by your word of peace...

Speak to us, Lord, while we're awake
and through the night when we're asleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Speak, Lord by Margaret Rizza

In the silence of the stars,
In the quiet of the hills,
In the heaving of the sea,
Speak, Lord.

In the stillness of this room,
In the calming of my mind,
In the longing of my heart,
Speak, Lord.

In the voice of a friend,
In the chatter of a child,
In the words of a stranger,
Speak, Lord.

In the opening of a book,
In the looking at a film,
In the listening to music,
Speak, Lord.


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