NIGHT PRAYER: Tuesday 1/5

My country's not perfect, Lord,
and I've always known that,
but never before have America's imperfections
so shaken my confidence in the hope
that together, we can make things right...
We're not together, Lord:
we're divided, torn apart, separated by ideology;
blind to truth, deaf to each other's cries,
angry and mean-spirited in our words and deeds;
unwilling to consider for even a moment
that "they" might be right and "we" might be wrong...
I fear we've lost our grasp
of right and wrong, of true and false;
of our desire, our ability
to discern between fact and fiction...

And there's so much at stake here, Lord:
the blessings of life and liberty,
the pursuit of happiness, unity in diversity
and justice and freedom for all...

Keep us from squandering these gifts
in favor of our personal politics,
our selfish grip on individual rights
and our obsessive need to be right...

Help us see how our delusions and compulsions 
tear at the fabric of our society
and dismantle what we've worked for 
since America was born... 

This is a critical week in our history, Lord,
and we need your mercy, wisdom and grace
to rescue us from the harm we might do 
to ourselves and the nation we love...

Forgive us in your mercy, Lord:
we've strayed so far from being the people 
you made and call us to be...
Humble us, Lord, with your wisdom:
help us see as you see, judge as you judge
and discern the difference between our ways and yours... 
Fill us with the power of your grace, Lord:
unite us again, one nation under your law,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all...
In God We Trust...
That's our motto, Lord!
Engrave it on our hearts
to mark our words and deeds,
to shape our hopes and dreams
to guide our thoughts and plans,
to make of us e pluribus unum
all for one and one for all...
Lord, we long for you to move with power:
there's a hunger deep within our hearts
for healing in our nation.
Send your Spirit to revive us:
heal our nation, Lord,
heal our nation...
Heal and protect us, Lord,
awake and asleep across the land
that awake we may keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...
Heal Our Nation


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