Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 1/9

Suppose the Lord were waiting in the next room:
    waiting to spend some time with you,
    waiting to listen to you, 

    waiting to speak with you...
    waiting to be with you... 
    waiting for you... 

Well, he's not waiting in the next room,
he's so much closer than that:
    he's already with you,
    beside you,
    within you,
    waiting for you
    to be with him...

So you don't have to turn your head,
you don't have to move an inch:
    to be with him,
    spend time with him, 
    rest your head on his shoulder,
    speak with him
    or wait in the silence
    to hear his word of peace...
Slow me down,
close my eyes
and open my heart to you
to your presence around me,
beside me, within me, 
You're here by my side,
waiting to spend time with me,
waiting for me to rest in your presence,
waiting just to be with me,
to listen to me, to speak to me,
to whisper a word of your peace...
You're with me, Lord,
the waiting is over,
you're with me now
and always and everywhere...

Help me be with you, Lord,
right here, right now,
in my heart of hearts,
in my thoughts
and in my prayer,
waiting to hear 
your word of peace...


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