Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 1/7

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We thought 2020 was pretty bad, Lord:
we were really looking forward to 2021!
But so far, things haven't gone all that well:
take yesterday, for example!
I wish there were a vaccine, Lord,
not just for Covid but for the whole body politic:
a serum to protect us from viral anger,
blind ambition, carcinogenic coalitions, 
parasitic partisanship, communicable corruption,
pathological promises, infectious ideology,
acute conservatism, advanced liberalism,
toxic negligence , clinical cronyism
pernicious ignorance, terminal negativity...
chronic coverups, opportunistic lies
and asymptomatic self-interest... 
The body politic is sick, Lord, 
in need of large doses of truth and prudence,
honesty and wisdom, selflessness and courage, 
compassion and humility...
Our condition is critical, Lord,
and you're the primary care physician
for our hearts and minds and souls, 
for the life we share together,
for the cities that we build
and the nation we call home...
Come care for us, heal us,
infuse us with your grace
and bring us back to health
that we might care for one another
as you, Lord, care for us...


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