Monday Morning Offering: 2/1

Morning Coffee: George Mendoza
Good morning, good God! 
There'll never be an end, Lord,
to all that I might offer
in these Monday morning prayers
so today I thought I'd lift up
what I'm least inclined to offer:
things I cling to and hold back,
it's so hard to let them go
- though I need to and I should...
This morning, then, I offer you
some things I should surrender,
things I've got no business keeping,
things that need your healing touch...

I offer up my stubbornness:
   my attitudes, entrenched;
   my preferences, so biased,
   all my prejudiced distinctions...

I offer up my envy of things that others have;
my jealous grip on what I call my own;
and my desire to have more and more and more...

I offer up my pride, Lord:
   my inflated self-regard;
   my disdain of others' gifts;
   and any condescension
      in my words and in my deeds...

I offer up the grudges 
    I've cherished for so long
the resentments and the grievances
   I nourish in my breast,
mean spirited hard feelings
   renting space within my thoughts...

No proper offerings here, Lord,
they're all my faults and failings
lifted up to you with hope
that you'll mend whatever's broken,
that you'll sweep sin from my heart
   and restore me to your peace...



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