The challenge of celebrating Ash Wednesday - without ashes!

Just as it's a challenge to celebrate and live stream Sunday mass without being able to offer the eucharist to those united in prayer, so it was a challenge to celebrate and live stream Ash Wednesday's service without being able to impose ashes on those virtually gathered together for worship on the first day of Lent.

So I was grateful for the Spirit nudging my imagination and suggesting a way to offer a special Lenten blessing - without ashes, a blessing I could lead in the sanctuary and which those at home (alone or in the company of others) could experience and share.  I took the "signing of the senses" from the rite for entrance into the catechumenate and adapted it for Ash Wednesday.  The feedback has been very positive and I can envision using this blessing in the future, even when we're all back in church together.  If you'd like to see and share in this blessing, you can find it recapped in video here.
My homily for Ash Wednesday responded to the question, "What should I give up for Lent?"
My presentation was replete with props which you might find interesting, amusing - and, I hope, spiritually uplifting!  You'll find it recapped in video here

And if you're up for the whole service, you'll find it here.


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