NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 2/20

A friend called today, Lord,
and I could hear his heavy heart 
in the timbre of his voice...

He talked, I listened,
I said a few words and he listened to me...

At the end of the conversation he thanked me,
said how much it helped him just to share
and I'm sure it did and I'm grateful
to have been there for him and with him...

But I know, Lord, and he knows, too,
that his heart is still heavy with worry
and that's not all that's weighing on him...

I'm grateful, Lord, for the opportunity
to be there for my brother, to lend an ear
and let him know he's not alone:
I think that helped, I trust that helped
- I'm glad that helped...
But now, Lord, I pray that you'll step in,
as only you can do, and be there for my friend:
give him the strength he needs,
the peace of mind he seeks
some healing of his loss and grief,
and peace within his heart, in his home,
and where he works...
All I could do was listen and say a few brief words
but you, Lord, you can do it all
so I pray you'll start were I left off 
and give my friend the peace he needs,
the peace that only you can give,
the peace that heals the soul...

A friend called today, Lord,
and I know you heard his heavy heart 
in the timbre of his voice:
listen to his prayer, Lord,
hear him out and answer him,
heal him with your peace...
Be with us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and sleep, rest in your peace...

Loving and Forgiving by Scott Soper

Loving and forgiving are you, O Lord;
slow to anger, rich in kindness,
loving and forgiving are you.

1. All my being bless the Lord;
bless the holy name of God.
All my being bless the Lord,
remembering the goodness of God.

2. God forgives us all our sins,
healing those who live in pain,
saving us from final death.
God fills us with goodness and love.

3. Good and gracious is the Lord,
slow to anger, rich in love.
God remembers not our sins;
forgiving and loving is God.

4. As heaven soars above the earth,
so great the love of God for us.
As far as east is from the west,
the Lord takes our sins from us.


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