NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 2/27

Tonight's a snow moon, a full moon in February,
marking the passing of the second month in 2021,
but what's amazing, Lord, is this:
   the next full moon will be the Paschal moon,
   we're just a month and days from Easter!
    Photo by Tom Bjornson

Your moon still holds sway, Lord,
scheduling our prayer life, 
our holy days and feasts...
We wait for the planets, the sun, moon and stars
to tell us it's time to remember again
your love, your word, your Son, his death
and his rising up with pardon and peace
for us who find joy in your mercy...
The planets move slowly, Lord,
patiently marking the days, weeks and months,
leading us, guiding us, telling the time
when we set time aside
and enter the timeless,
the grace of prayer,
to meet you, our God,
in the Spirit's peace...

Make us one with creation,
one with the universe,
one in the love, Lord,
your mercy reveals...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

The Moon by Andy Beck, performed by Koorschool Senta

O moon, shining in the night
O moon, are you listening?
O moon, silvery and bright
come again tomorrow night

Nighttime will soon be done
bringing the morning sun
where will you go, what will you do
while you are gone I'll wait for you

O moon, shining in the night
O moon, are you listening
O moon, slivery and bright
come again tomorrow night…

Daylight is coming soon
where will you go, O moon
over a cloud, under a hill
see you tomorrow night I will

O moon…

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