NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 2/10

I wonder, Lord, I wonder what you make
of all our proceedings and deliberations,
our trials and testimony,
in search of the truth
and in doing the work of justice...

I know you see right through all our blind spots,
our unstudied opinions, our biases and prejudices, 
our self-serving motives, our political schemes,
our memes, slogans and caricatures, 
our personal ambition,
our willingness to manipulate the truth 
and refusing to face it head on...

And I know that your view of things
is impartial and precise
on both sides of the aisle,
in red and blue states,
in "their" hearts and "ours" as well...

So I pray tonight, Lord:
for vision to see beyond our bias, 
for patience to hear what others are saying,
for a desire to get to the root of issues,
for wisdom to discern between fact and fiction,
for courage to accept the truth when we find it
and for humility to acknowledge
that none of us knows everything,
we've each got a lot to learn
and we're all very often wrong... 

Important issues are on the table this week, Lord,
matters of longstanding consequence,
and so I pray tonight: 
for your Spirit to lead and guide us,
for your wisdom to inspire our thinking,
for your word to lead us to truth,
for your vision to open our eyes
and your love to open our hearts 
to what's just, what's right, what's true...
Your ways are true,
your words are true
your thoughts are true,
lasting through all generations,
constant through eternity:
help us find and know your truth, Lord,
help us live by the truth of your word...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us as we sleep
that awake we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Song of Truth by Mark Shelton



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