Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 2/11

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You're the Divine Physician, Lord,
the healer of my brokenness, 
the doctor of my heart and soul...

Mend the broken places in my heart:
places where others have roughly trod,
places broken by my own carelessness,
places ragged with wear and tear,
and places weakened by my own foolishness...

Mend my heart's chipped edges and smooth away
the grit that grates on my soul's peace
and robs me of contentment...

Heal the wounds just freshly suffered 
and heal my old wounds, too,
wounds that open, Lord, when memories haunt 
and dreams stir up old stories thought forgotten...

Heal the wounds and mend the broken parts
known but to you and me Lord:
the wounds I try to hide from others' eyes,
the brokenness I try to manage,
lest others see my pain...

And heal me, Lord, where I am weak, make me
strong where I've been broken,
whole where I've been hurt,
and well where I've been heartsick...

Bind up what needs support, Lord,
and bandage all my scrapes and scars;
support my halting steps
and nurse my soul, with grace, to health...

I have no hurt unknown to you,
I've nothing left to hide, Lord.
You know my weakness inside out,
where I'm wounded and need healing,
where I'm broken and need mending...

Give me strength to bare my heart, Lord,
to your gentle, healing touch;
may no fear keep me from reaching
for your help to bind my wounds...

Help me tell you where it hurts, Lord,
let me bare my soul that I might see
how much I need your healing,
how much I need your grace...
You're the Divine Physician, Lord,
the doctor of my heart and soul,
your touch is filled with healing,
your anointing is my peace...


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