Monday Morning Offering: 3/22

Morning Coffee by George Mendoza
Just 13 days
and a little over 300 hours left
'til Easter, Lord...
That's the time that's left for me:

   to find a quiet place each day
   to sit and be with you in prayer...

   to go without some food or drink
   or creature comfort I depend on
   way too much...

   to dig down deep
   and give as much as I can and a little more
   in reaching out to help the poor...
27  down, Lord,  just 13 left to go 
and so I offer you what's left and pray:
send your Spirit and your grace
to help me make the very best
of these waning Lenten hours...
If I've been faithful all along, Lord,
help me bring it home to you;
and if I'm only just beginning,
give me help to finish strong...
Ready me for Easter, Lord,
cleanse my heart and soul, 
and in these final days and hours
give me mercy, grace and peace...


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