NIGHT PRAYER: Saturday 3/6

Sometimes it's at night, Lord, 
   when I feel closest to you 
and sometimes it's at night 
   that I wonder if I've lost you 
     - or if you've lost sight of me... 
But regardless of how I feel,
   any night or day, 
you are there, Lord, you're there with me and beside me, 
   before me and behind me, within me, all around me...
And should I try to flee your presence, 
   there's no place I might go, Lord, 
   but that you'd be there to meet me...
And should I try to slip beyond your grasp,
well, with you, Lord, there's just no letting go...
Though I close my eyes and turn my back 
  - on every side you'd be there: 
there's no place, Lord, where I can hide  
   - your gaze would find me out...
Sometimes, at night, I'm close to you, 
sometimes I cannot find you
   but wherever I am tonight,
   however close or lost I feel,
remind me of your presence, Lord,
   your strong, relentless love
   pursuing, seeking, finding me 
    and never letting go...

Wherever I go, you're there, Lord:
   however fast I run away - you outpace me;
   however foolish my ways - you wisdom guides me;
   however lost I might be - you find me;
   however alone I might feel -
      you hold me in your arms, 
      carry me in your heart,
      you embrace me in your love...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm still awake 
   and watch over me when I fall asleep, 
that awake, I might keep watch with you 
   and asleep, rest in your peace...


If You Find Me By The Ocean by Steve Warner

If you find me by the ocean, 
at the sea's farthest end,
even there, Lord, you watch over me,
even there you place your hand.

1) O Lord you search and you know me, 
my rising and my rest,
you discern my journey from afar, 
when I wander or lie down.

2) And from your Spirit, where can I go? 
Where might I flee from your face?
If I climb the heavens, you are there 
and at my final rest.

3) And if I fly on the wings of dawn,
to ocean's farthest end,
ever leading you are at my side, 
your mighty hand upon me.

4) Your hand, O Lord, created me 
within my mother's womb,
I thank you for the wonder of my life, 
your marvels of creation.


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