NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 3/28

    Image: Gwen Meharg

Tonight's prayer is rooted in the second scripture
   from today's mass for Palm Sunday...
Christ Jesus, though he was in the form of God, 
   did not regard equality with God
   something to be grasped.
Rather, he emptied himself,
    taking the form of a slave,
    coming in human likeness
and found human in appearance,
    he humbled himself,
    becoming obedient to the point of death,
    even death on a cross...
I come in prayer tonight, Lord,
    with a heart needing to be emptied,
    a heart needing to be filled...

You showed us the way, Lord:
   you humbled yourself to the Father's will
      you emptied yourself,
and now you invite us 
   to humble and empty ourselves
       in the same way...

I don't always find it easy, Lord, 
   to empty myself of things I want to collect,
      to keep, to hoard and hold on to...
Nor do I find it easy to let go:
   to let go the burdens I've befriended,
   the burdens I cling to for security,
   burdens that have become part of my identity...

Teach my heart to know, Lord,
    what to keep and what to lose,
    what to hold on to and what to let go of,
    what to treasure and what to throw away...

As I let go of what I don't need
    fill my heart with a hunger and thirst
    for what truly nourishes and satisfies me,
    what strengthens me in my faith and hope...

Give me joy in letting go, Lord,
    and peace in being filled with you,
    with your Word, your grace and your love...
Protect me, Lord, while I lie awake
and watch over me, while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

 Take, Lord, Receive by John Foley, SJ


Take, Lord, receive, all my liberty.
My memory, understanding, my entire will!
Give me only your love and your grace,
that's enough for me!
Your love and your grace are enough for me!

Take Lord, receive,
All I have and possess.
You have given all to me,
Now I return it.

Take Lord receive, all is yours now.
Dispose of it, wholly according to your will.


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