Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 3/12

Lord, you said,
Don't worry about tomorrow;
tomorrow will take care of itself.*

But I do worry, Lord
and I fret about tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow 
and next week and next month and - 
well, let's just say I worry about a lot of things
- a lot of the time! 

You tell me not to worry,
to "be not afraid,"
but worries and fears still fill up my mind,
burden my heart
and trouble my soul...

Worry threatens to overwhelm me
and fear holds me hostage,
keeping me from you, Lord, and from others
and from moments of peace
I know are close to hand...

You tell me not to worry,
that tomorrow will take care of itself
and I know you're right, Lord:
at least I know that worrying
or worrying more, or worrying harder
won't remove or resolve whatever it is
I'm worried about...

Oh - there may be things I need to do today,
be concerned about today,
to be responsibly ready to face tomorrow
- but worrying isn't one of them!

Worrying about tomorrow
clouds my vision and closes my eyes to
this day's blessings, to this day's joys
and to all the ways you're here, Lord,
helping me today...

How often have I missed the grace, the strength,
the consolation of your presence by my side
when my head and heart were lost to worry
over what had not yet come to pass?

How much energy, how many blessings, 
how much peace of mind have I lost 
in one day, Lord,
fretting, fearing, imagining the worst 
about the next?

Deepen my trust, Lord,
and help me let go my worries:
give me the confidence I lack today,
the strength I need today
and the faith to make it through today
to the day that has me worried...

Today' worries and fears will profit me nothing 
when tomorrow arrives, Lord,
so let your presence today 
   be the strength I look back to
and may your word today 
   be the wisdom I rely on
when tomorrow comes knocking at my door...

Help me keep it in today, Lord, because, truly,   
today's the day that you have made,
the day you've given me, the only day I have,
the day you're near, you're here
to ease my worries, calm my fears,
and root me in the moment...

Help me trust, Lord,
that you know more about tomorrow than I,
that just as tomorrow is safely in your hands 
so am I safe in those same hands today...

Help me keep it in today, Lord:
be my strength for living today
my wisdom for accepting this day,
my grace for surviving this day
and my hope for trusting that tomorrow
you'll be with me just as surely
as you're with me now - today...
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