Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 3/13


My life was born of your love, Lord,
   and your love sustains me, night and day...

My heart is nurtured by your love, Lord,
   without it my soul would waste away...

My spirit's restored by your love, Lord,
   your grace heals the wounds of all my sins...

My life is redeemed by your love, Lord,
   my soul is saved by your grace...

I place all my trust in you, my God,
   my hope is in your saving Word...

In return for my life, Lord,
   in thanksgiving for your love,
I want to know and do your will...

Give me your counsel
   in every thought I entertain today:
give me wisdom
   that all my thoughts might please you...
In the decisions I'll face today, Lord,
    give me the light of your truth
      and the courage I need to choose wisely...

In spending my time this day, Lord:
   give me strength to work,
      a place to pray 
         and time to rest in your peace...
Remind me, when worries steal my day,
    today's the day that you've made, Lord,
      the day I'm called to live...
When unexpected turns surprise me 
    give me insight and strength to manage
       whatever tries to manage me...

In the quiet of my prayer today,
   help me review my life, Lord,
      and your love for me
         and my fidelity to your word...

In the stillness here with you, Lord,
   help me count my foolish sins
      and your healing mercy in my heart...

In return for my life, O Lord,
   in thanksgiving for all your love,
      help me know and do your will... 

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