Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/29

Coming across this quote online last week, Lord
I tucked it away for future reference.
Yesterday, at a funeral for a young father,
I shared it with those grieving his loss
with so much love, yet to give
- love that had "no place to go..."
It's a blessing, Lord:
to understand grief in this way,
to learn its real name: love...
It's a grace, Lord:
to find the source of the force 
swelling, welling up from deep within my heart,
coursing through my every vein,
coloring every aspect of my life
in hues of unspent love...

And though it may so seem or feel,
can love, even love born of grief,
truly have no place to go? no void to fill?
no heart to touch? no wound to heal?
no brokenness to mend? 
All love's a gift from you, Lord,
given to be shared 
and only in the giving
will empty hearts be filled,
wounded souls be healed,
tender places soothed and salved
and grief relieved when love, at last,
finds a place to go...
It takes time, Lord, I know:
time to mourn the loss,
to stumble in its shadows,
to befriend the place left empty
as the temple of a soulmate 
you've now claimed as your own,
gone until you claim me, too,
and we shall meet again...

So, slowly, surely, steadily
as loss unveils my grief, Lord, 
open me to wounded, broken hearts,
empty temples waiting to be filled with life
dwelling, welling up from deep within me,
coursing through my every vein,
waiting, longing, searching
'til in your time and with your grace
love finds a place to go...



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