A Prayer for Ascension Thursday

Ascension by Salvador Dali


Today's Ascension Thursday 
when we remember Jesus ascending into heaven.
The Dali above images what Jesus' friends saw as he was lifted up: 
the soles of his feet!

Just 40 days after Easter, Lord,
you brought your friends together, one last time,
to say goodbye, to bid them farewell...

Parting's such sweet sorrow, Lord...

Taking leave's 
   the sad part 
and the sweetness  
   the memory of all that was, 
   the promise of all that's yet to be, 
   the pledge that on a day to come 
      we'll all be together again...

Coming and going, 
meeting and knowing,
saying goodbye,
sadness and sorrow,
hope for tomorrow...

You left your friends, Lord, but not alone:
you promised your Spirit, the Spirit of truth 
to lead and guide, to comfort and console,
to show us the path we're called to follow,
the way that leads us home to you
and to that day, still yet to come,
when we'll all be together again...



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