Monday Morning Offering: Memorial Day 2021

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

I'm praying today, Lord:
remembering those who gave their lives
without a thought of self,
who laid down all that I might stand
in freedom dearly won...

I'm praying today, Lord:
remembering those who died,
who passed from this life to the next,
to you, their Maker,
lover of their souls...

I'm praying today, Lord:
remembering selfless souls,
their purple-hearted courage,
so sure and brave on danger's road
where I'd not dare to tread...

I'm praying today, Lord,
remembering love and sacrifice
so freely, fully given and so easily forgotten 
by just the ones for whom the gift was made...

I'm praying today, Lord,
on this Monday of remembrance, 
offering my thanks and praise
for those who loved as you loved us:
laying down their lives and giving all
that all, in peace, might live...


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