NIGHT PRAYER: Monday 5/17

Something about the setting sun
turns my heart to musing on times past,
returning to remember, lest I forget,
times of sorrow, times of joy...

Something about the end of day
finds me rummaging through memories,
sorting out the best ones,
like sifting through an attic's treasures...

Something about this evening, Lord,
stirs my grateful heart with souvenirs
of long-ago-but-not-forgotten joy, 
of peace embedded deep within my soul...

Something about this eventide
comforts and consoles me, reminding me,
in good times and in bad,
you've always been my best, beloved friend...

Something about this twilight, Lord,
renews my faith and hope in you,
and kindles in my heart of hearts
the fire of your love...

Something about the setting sun
now turns my heart to you, Lord, 
with soulful, happy memories, dreams
to keep me safe in sleep tonight...

Protect me, Lord, as evening comes
and watch over me when I fall asleep
that awake, I might keep watch for you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Tonight, a wistful instrumental piece for your prayer and reflection...

Sad Anime by Wendi Shi



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