NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 5/20

The seven weeks of the Easter season will close with the feast of Pentecost this coming Sunday when we'll remember how the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and pray for the  Spirit's gifts in our lives and times.  Beginning tonight, to help us prepare to celebrate Pentecost, we'll focus our Night Prayer on the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Tonight we'll ask for a share in the seven gifts of the Spirit...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and fill my heart once again
with the fire and power of your gifts…

Come, Holy Spirit,
and with wisdom help me know what’s true and real,
help me to discern what's foolish and wasteful,
help me to see all of my life through God's own eyes...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and with understanding light my way
when I'm confused and distracted
and especially when I'm not sure what faith is asking of me...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and be my beacon of right judgment,
when I'm at loose ends, not sure where to turn, 
when the choices before me are difficult to make...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and kindle in my soul the courage I need
when I'm hesitant and anxious,
when fear silences the truth I need to speak,
when pride keeps me from doing what I should...

Come, Holy Spirit,
and give me knowledge of God’s plan for me:
open my mind and heart to follow where God leads me,
to respond to what God asks of me,
to live more for others and less for myself...

Come, Holy Spirit,
lift my mind and heart to God in reverence:
remind me of God's constant presence,
lead me to keep the Sabbath holy,
kindle in me a desire to pray, 
to speak to God from my heart...

Come, Holy Spirit, 
and in awe and wonder stir my heart’s desire
to see God in the faces of all I meet and know,
to discover God's warm fingerprints on all of creation,
to be surprised by God's love at every twist and turn...

Come, Holy Spirit,
fill my mind and heart with your gifts
and my soul with your light of your grace…
Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you,
and asleep, rest in your peace...


Send Us Your Spirit by Dan Schutte, sung by Chris Brunelle

Send us your spirit, O Lord.
Evening enfolds us and holds us too near.
Wake the morning light.
Make our living bright.
Shine on our darkness, O Lord

Hold us with mercy, O Lord.
Sorrow has spoken, has broken our hearts.
Clothe us in your care.
Be the life we bear. Feed us and fill us, O Lord.

Teach us your wisdom, O Lord.
Shadows have clouded, have crowded our sight.
Give us hearts that see. Set our loving free.
Hear us and help us, O Lord.

Send us good summer, O Lord.
Winters have chilled us and stilled us too long.
Give us love's own fire. Be our true desire.
Send us your spirit, O Lord.



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