NIGHT PRAYER: Wednesday 5/19

NIGHT PRAYER is a little different tonight... On this 48th anniversary of my ordination I've been thinking of and praying for the men I was ordained with: those still in ministry, those who left, and those who have died...   In fact, it's a good moment for me to invite you to pray for all priests, that God will bring to fulfillment the good work he began in them. I don't think anyone is more aware of a priest's shortcomings, mistakes and sins than the priest himself. It was in that spirit that I wrote this prayer back in 2009 - it's still a prayer I need to pray today...

Gracious God, loving Father,
font of every gift and good,
we pray you make our priests:

    men of faith, men of love,
    humble servants of your Word,
    prophets of your Spirit’s grace

    men of hope, men of peace,
    strong defenders of the truth,
    heralds of your holy gospel

    men of prayer, men of praise,
    faithful to our sacred rites,
    the scriptures and tradition

    men of constancy and change,
    men who listen to your Spirit
    and follow where you lead...

    men of tenderness and strength
    comfort for the sick and weary,
    shepherds leading home the lost

    men of counsel, men of wisdom,
    guides for those who are confused,
    lights along the darkened path

    men of mercy, men of patience,
    reaching out with consolation
    for the grieving and abused

    men of justice and compassion,
    forgiving, making peace,
    reconciling in your name

    men of sacrifice and honor,
    set apart to do your will,
    single minded in your service

    men of holiness and joy,
    men anointed by your grace,
    men ordained to serve as Christ

Make us one with them in faith,
and in Christ your only Son
in whose holy name we pray...


The Servant Song by Richard Gillard



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