Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 5/28

what will you ask of me today?
   - my awareness?
   - my attention?    
   - my affection?

   - forgiving someone who's hurt me?
   - choosing compromise over stalemate?
   - making peace in some war I'm waging? 

   - a change of mind?
   - a change of heart?
   - a change of habit? 
   - helping someone who needs me?
   - reaching out to someone who misses me?
   - including someone who's often left out?

   - walking the path you call me to follow?
   - taking the high road instead of the shortcut?
   - following you  - no matter the cost?

   - telling the truth when I'd rather not?
   - confessing  my faults and sins to you?
   - being more honest - with myself?

   - more time off a screen?
   - more time in silence?
   - more time with you in prayer?
   - or maybe something else, Lord,
         something known only to you and me...

  Help me know what you're asking of me, Lord,
      and help me do it - today...


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