Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 5/9

    Photo by CP

(I first posted this some years back but thought
it worthy of another appearance on this Mothers Day...)

I don't know how old I was, Lord,
but I'm sure you remember exactly...

I only know I was old enough
to save up some coins to buy my mom a Mothers Day gift
and yet young enough
to have taken her at her word when she told me
I didn't have to get her anything...

It was after Sunday mass on Mothers Day
when my dad asked me what I had bought for mom
and I told him what she'd said
and that I hadn't bought a gift...

I don't remember how old I was
but I remember my father wasn't happy
with what I told him!

So dad drove me to a local greenhouse
and with some financial aid from him
I bought my mother an African violet -
a gift we knew she'd love and add to the others
on the window sills around our house...

So, yesterday when I was shopping at Wegmans
and saw the mini African violets in two inch pots
I knew I had to get one for the window sill
in my room...

I'm not sure if I bought it for myself
or for my mother:
I think I bought it for both of us -
though she's no longer here
to receive and care for my small gift
and the love I keep for her...

Each time I see that little pot on my sill, Lord,
I'm reminded not to take for granted
the love and care of those around me,
especially of those closest to me,
and never to assume
- for even just a moment -
that they'll always be there...

They leave us, Lord,
- they leave us to be with you -
and so I pause to pray this morning
never to take for granted the love
of those who faithfully love me...

And I hope, Lord, and I pray
that one day when you call me, too,
I'll be worthy of a place with you
and with my mom and dad,
where violets never wilt or fade
but flourish for eternity
in beauty, joy and peace...



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