Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/25

    Photo by RN












I love the story this photo tells, Lord,
the story of a friend who took a day off,
drove himself to the shore, 
found a quiet place, spread a towel, 
kicked off his sandals and went for a walk, 
the soles of his feet warmed by sun-baked sand,
cooled by waves lapping his toes...
What the photo doesn't tell, Lord, 
is the story he told you 
as he walked along the beach:
   the story of his heart, his thoughts, his hopes and dreams, 
   the story of the stories that have made him who he is...
Something about the seashore 
draws us close to you, O Lord:
   the warm sand, the ocean's depths, 
   the rolling surf, the span of blue horizon
   in this holy place, this solitude,
   where you meet us 
   who come in search of you...

I pray my summer leads me to the shore, Lord,
to solitude's serenity,
where you and I might meet 
and share the stories
that tell us who we are...


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