Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 6/5

For some 14 months, Lord,
we've not gathered on the Sabbath
to remember and celebrate the meal you left us
on the night before you died...

For more than a year
we've not kept your Day as you asked us to:
   gathering as your people, 
   to hear your Word,
   to offer praise and thanks,
   to break the Bread and bless the Cup
     of your sacrifice, 
   of your presence among us,
   of the sacrament that is our peace,
   our joy, and our reconciliation in you...
Instead, we have come together
   in a virtual chapel,
   united by your Spirit
   to feast on your Word
   and offer our praise and prayer,
longing for the day when once again
   we will gather freely
   and freely approach your altar
   to be fed with the Bread of Life
   and drink from the Cup of Salvation...
Be with us this weekend, Lord, 
as we celebrate the Feast of your Body and Blood:
   mindful of what we have missed,
   grateful for the Word that has fed us,
   longing for the day when once again
      we'll share as one body
         - one bread and one cup -
      your people, one in your Spirit...


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