NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 6/6

(On Sundays, Night Prayer takes its inspiration from
an element of the day's mass. Tonight we'll pray with
Marty Haugen's song, We Remember)
We spend our lives, Lord, 
remembering what's past, 
   both the good and the bad,
and celebrating our faith in you:
   the joy of all our happiness,
   our strength through all our sorrows...

In our remembering, Lord,
   through the grace and peace of faith,
we come to believe in you:
   ever present by our side,
  through all our ups and downs;
in you, our source of hope and trust
   when we don't know where to turn;
in you, the promise  of a day
   when we'll see you face to face
   and all things shall be well...
We remember how you loved us,
   how you loved us to your death
      and yet we celebrate for you are with us here
and we believe that we will see you   
   when you come, in your glory, Lord:
      we remember,
      we celebrate,
      we believe...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we will keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...


We Remember by Marty Haugen


We remember how you loved us to your death,
And still we celebrate, for you are with us here;
And we believe that we will see you when you come
in your glory, Lord. 
We remember, we celebrate, we believe. 
Here, a million wounded souls
   are yearning just to touch you and be healed. 
Gather all your people and hold them to your heart.   
Now we recreate your love,
   we bring the bread and wine to share a meal. 
Sign of grace and mercy, the presence of the Lord.
See the face of Christ revealed
   in ev’ry person standing by your side,
Gift to one another, and temples of your love.


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