Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 6/25



I wonder how many times,
I lost myself in foolishness
and missed you at my side...

I wonder how many times,
I didn't hear the word you spoke
just for me to hear...

I wonder how many times,
I didn't see your hand reach out
to take my hand in yours...

How many times,
I turned away from you
just as you showed me your face...

How many times,
I missed you sitting by  my side
when I felt all alone...

How many times
I told a lie
when the truth was in my heart...

How many times
I chose myself
before serving others' needs...

How many times
I was too much in a hurry
to speak to you in prayer...

How many times,
I missed the simple signs
of your presence all around me...

How many times, Lord?

How many times,
did I miss the best
of all that might have been
because I was too busy,
too preoccupied, too angry, 
too selfish, or even just too plain lazy
to sense, to see, to hear, to touch
your presence in my life?

Too many times is my best guess
and so I pray that unlike yesterday
I'll see you, hear you,
take your hand,
follow you and find you,
live your truth and care for you
in caring for my neighbor...

Help me, Lord, today,
to take a breath,
pace my step, 
look around,
settle down,
pause in prayer and find you 
in my heart and in my thoughts,
at my side and everywhere
your Spirit guides my steps
to walk along your path...



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