Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY 6/13

Slowly, oh so slowly, Lord,
but surely, nonetheless,
I'm learning the basic truth
that all my days go better
when I simply acknowledge
   that you are God
   - and I am not;
   that you know better all I need
   - and not just what I want;
that you see my entire future
   - when I can't see beyond my nose;
that your love has a plan for me
   - while my plans tend to fold and fail;
that with your help I'll find the peace
   I'm helpless to uncover on my own...

Help me live this day, Lord:
   not in my own folly but in your wisdom;
   seeking what I truly need, not just the things I want;
   discovering and following your plan for me,
   seeking peace of mind and heart,
   the peace that's only yours to give...



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