Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/24

    Crosby's, Concord: photo by CP


I was at Crosby's a few days ago, Lord, 
and there it was, in all its healthy glory:
   my favorite salad bar, after 14 long months
   without an onion, pepper or tomato,
   stocked full again with nature's tasty harvest!
And with that, Lord,
a small piece of "life as I knew it"
was back within my reach...
Smiles unmasked, folks in church,
shaking hands, visiting friends, 
giving hugs, getting hugs, 
feeling free, at least a little,
   to breathe the air around me 
   to share the space I'm in,
   to walk with joy and not in fear
      the paths I choose to take,
for all of this I give you thanks and praise!
Keep my eyes and ears, my heart and soul,
my embracing arms wide open, Lord,
to all the ways such simple joys
are coming home into my heart...



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