Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/1

Tell me one thing, Lord,
   one thing you'd have me do today...

Tell me one word, Lord,
   one word you'd have me speak today...

Tell me one person, Lord,
   one person you'd have me forgive today...

Tell me one burden, Lord,
   one burden you'd have me lay down today...

Tell me one change, Lord,
   one change you'd have me make today...

Tell me one time, Lord,
   one time you'd have me pray today...

Tell me, Lord, that I might
   do and speak
      what you ask of me,
   forgive as freely
      as you forgive me,
   change in the ways
      you'd have me grow,
   and come to you
      for your grace and help...

Just tell me one thing,
    one thing you'd have me do today, Lord
       -- or maybe two or three or more...




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