Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/1

   Stoney Beach, Woods Hole by Mark Penta


Lord, I know you create sunsets like this
without effort or planning
and I know you've crafted such beauty
for billions of years,
day in and day out,
all 'round the world...
And I know
that like snowflakes and fingerprints,
no two of your sunsets are exactly alike:
each uniquely crafted,
individually painted,
signed by the artist, 
a message of love...
So, Lord, I'm just wondering if,
sometime, maybe sooner than later,
amidst these cloudy, rainy days 
if you might have in your back pocket
a spare sunny day to send our way...

We sure could use a sunny day, Lord,
and I know I'm not alone in that
and seeing as how they come so easy to you
so naturally, so divinely,
I thought you might have a day of light and warmth 
that you could spare and share with us
who'd gladly give you thanks and praise
on this very first day of June...
I don't want to sound greedy or demanding, Lord,
but I know you can do this
and I know you will - sooner or later -
it's just that sooner would be so very much appreciated...
Beautiful days, Lord:
    you got 'em and we need 'em!

Just sayin', Lord, just prayin'...



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