Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/22

    Photo by CP

Around 3:00 a.m., Lord,
there gathers under my bedroom windows
a grand chorus of birds of all kinds,
greeting the day's first light,
sharing the latest news,
warming up for their sunrise concert,
chirping a prayerful  good morning
to any awake to hear...

No complaints here, Lord - 
I love the different calls, tweets and songs
and they're never enough to keep me
from falling back to sleep again...

By the time I rise, just a few are still chattering 
and more often than not, a small schola of mourning doves 
is chanting its grief, singing its sorrow,
praying for your compassion...

Then early last evening, 
as I walked down Lexington,
a solo performer, last on the bill, 
took center stage
and crooned a lovely evening tune,
a vesper song of praise and thanks
for all this day had been
and had not been...

I stopped to listen, Lord,
and knew that you were listening, too,
for every warble, chirrup, trill and coo
my winged friends might offer
from dawn to end of day...

And I took comfort, Lord, in knowing
that you listen just as closely
to every sound and song that rises
from my heart, in prayer, 
to you...




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