Pause for Prayer: SATURDAY 7/10

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These past few days, Lord, it's been raining buckets:
   folks beneath umbrellas make their way, protected
   like the chosen, passing dry shod, through the sea
   and giving you the glory...

Back then it took a miracle,
today, a yard of nylon
stretched across a metal frame:
just enough to keep me dry
in spite of heaven's downpour...
So simple, Lord, but sometimes
the simplest things protect me:
   a friend's care
   a visored cap
   a secret kept
   a lotion's balm
   a stop sign
   a tree's shade
   a wise word
   a banister
   a silence shared
   a cleared path
   a watchful eye  
   a promise made
   a night light 
   a helping hand
   a pause for prayer reminding me         
      that you are always near, Lord
      parting seas to keep me dry,
      holding my umbrella in the rain,
      protecting me from harm
      until the storm shall pass
      and peace is mine again...


(The scripture for lines 3, 4 above)





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