Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/6

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No doubt about it, Lord: 
as I grow older I find myself more aware,
more sensitive, more vulnerable 
to changes in my life... 

Most changes have  been of the expected variety,
the kind you read about, 
the ones brought on by passing years
and the natural wear and tear
on the parts of this vehicle I call my life...

Some have been like a change in seasons,
a course correction, 
a simple change in plans 
or even a change of heart...

But one or two have been tectonic,
shifting deep within, upsetting,
unsettling the terrain and most of all - 
changing my perspective, Lord,
changing how I see you and
changing how I see how you see me...
These changes have changed me, Lord,
and as hard as some have been,
they've changed me for the better...
All these changes
have altered my horizon, Lord:
my view of what's ahead,
my memory of what's past
my living in the moment...
And in all these changes
you alone remain the same, Lord:
constant in your love, 
always by my side,
faithful in your mercy
and patient in your waiting
as I grow and move and change
until the final change when, changeless, 
I'll be forever one with you...






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