Pause for Prayer: SUNDAY December 26

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What was it like the next day, Lord,
when the sun rose bright and morning light
chased choirs of angels home to higher realms?

What was it like the next day, Lord, 
once the shepherds fled back to their fields
for fear of losing any sheep? 
What was it like when that time came
to leave the stable's straw-filled crib 
and head back home to Nazareth?

Was the next day just another day,
a day like all the others, Lord,
just the same old, same old?

Or was it like today, 
after caroling and egg nog, 
time for getting down to business
a day for loving what we heard, 
living what we learned
and doing what we sang?
A day unlike all days before,
no ordinary simple day
but now a day made holy by your birth..

For all "days after Christmas," Lord,
are days of grace and opportunity
for mercy, joy and peace
like this day after Christmas, Lord,
the day that lies before me,
a day that you've made holy
by your coming, by your birth,
by your word and by your love 
by your dying and your rising...

For all days after Christmas morn
are days that you have made,
days you have given us for love...
What was it like the next day, Lord?
Like something we'd never known before
and yet hope to know forever...





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