Twelve Days of NIGHT PRAYER for Christmas

When do the Twelve Days of Christmas begin?   They begin Christmas Day itself, leading us to TWELFTH NIGHT, the eve of Epiphany, January 6.  Through these dozen days, Night Prayer will focus each evening on one of the many gifts we've received from God.  Tonight: the gift of shepherds keeping night watch...
On the second day of Christmas,
the good Lord gave to me:
    Shepherds keeping watch 
    and a Child born in Bethlehem town... 
You gave us shepherds keeping watch in a field, Lord
    - but not until you scared them out of their wits
        with a sky filled with choirs of angels... 
They were simple folks, Lord, just doing their job,
    minding their own business,
        probably taking a midnight nap
            along with the sheep in their care...
But you woke them up!
You roused them from their drowsiness!
You called them to attention
    with a word of good news!

Christmas Day is over, Lord,
    and oh-how-quickly we get back,
        we return, to business as usual!
It doesn't take us long to settle down
    and settle in to all our old routines
and soon enough we'll start to nod,
    to nap, to fall asleep, 
to drift  from what just yesterday
    commanded our attention...

So treat us as you did the shepherds, Lord!
Shake and rouse us! Wake us up!
Call us out wherever we may be:
    at work, at rest, 
    asleep in our beds or on the job
        - and give us, Lord, good news! 
Surprise us with a message 
    meant to stir us up and give us hope 
hope enough to share with those 
    who've little left to hope for...

Interrupt us in our ordinary lives,
    doing ordinary things in ordinary ways;
meet us where we are, where live, Lord, 
    in our homes and where we work,
        where we play and where we learn,
in any place where you might catch us unawares,
    knock us off our pins and take us by surprise!
Then draw us to find you, the extraordinary One,
    in ordinary places, in ordinary ways
- even as you drew the shepherds to a stable,
    to a manger, to a new born child...
Help us to find you at all times, in all places,
    in every circumstance and situation, Lord,
for you are Emmanuel, you are:  God... with... us
    and you are with us in every place, in every moment...
You gave us shepherds, Lord, 
    to shepherd us to you 
that we might shepherd one another
    with the hope your message brings...

Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

Wake From Your Sleep by Dan Schutte
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Wake from your sleep, a Savior is born. 
God's holy child gives light to this morn, 
all our darkness to dispel. 
Praise to our God whose glory we tell. 
Come from your fields as shepherds of old. 
Welcome this child whom prophets foretold. 
 God has made the earth his home. 
 Praise to our God, the Savior has come. 
Stay with us now, O Lord of the earth. 
Make of our hearts a place for your birth. 
Though our cares be great or small, 
 Jesus the Lord, be born in us all. 
Now shall the earth take joy in her tears. 
Now shall our hearts be turned from their fears. 
All the earth shall sing God's praise 
Jesus the Lord, be born on this day.




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