A city street scene, a light, a prayer and a song for Epiphany evenng...

Photo by MS

A friend took this photo 14 years ago, a night shot wherein the darkness reveals more than daylight might have shown. (Click on the image for a larger version)  A street light glowing like a star, a humble dwelling's doorway spilling light into darkness: an Epiphany!

Let's pray...

O Magi,
were you confused?

Did you wonder 
if you'd taken a left for a right
or misjudged the bright star's GPS?

Was it all a big mistake?
Could this really be the street? 
the place? 
the door?

The light spills into night, 
and beckons, calls: 
    "This way! Come this way!
    Let go your thoughts of
    what should be or might have been, and
    open up to what is here,
    to where he is and dwells, he
    whose light and presence warm
    this chilled and darkened night!"  
Teach us wisdom, Lord:
open our eyes to your star above
and our hearts to your glowing presence
living within us, around us
and just across the street,
lighting the paths we walk each day, 
lifting us up, out of our darkness 
and to your radiant, holy face...
Protect us in the dark of night,
shine bright upon us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace... 

Come, Follow That Star by Don Bresig and Nancy Price

There's a star in the east and we must follow
if we want to find the love of the tiny Child

Follow that star,
come, follow that star

Sent from heaven above,
he will change the world with his love

We must find him
we must follow that star
Kings and travelers come from afar
filled with hope and wonder they are
seeking ever, doubting never
led by that shining light
Star of wonder, star so bright
guide us through the dark of night 
now we seek him, soon to greet him
tiny Child of truth and light
There's a star in the east and we must follow
if we want to find the love of the tiny Child




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