For some this day has been beauitful but for others - well, not so much...

The snow is more beautiful for some than for others:
for many, a reverie of lacy beauty, 
Christmas card landscapes in our backyards
but for others it's working long hours in the cold,
caring for others, protecting the weak, 
clearing the streets so others may pass
from here to there, in leisure and safely...

So we pray tonight:
    for those plowing snow and shoveling sidewalks, 
        spreading some sand to give us good traction;
    and for those on the front lines of danger and harm:
        the police and firefighters,
        public works crews awake 'round the clock,
            restoring power where it's been lost;
        ambulance drivers and EMTs,
            nurses and doctors working long shifts...
And for all those in trouble:
    those who've lost comfort, light and heat;
    those home alone through the height of the storm
    and for those whose home is always the streets
        and those who shelter them, especially tonight... 

So many to pray for tonight, Lord:
    keep them safe and warm
        and bring them home soon
    to warmth, to comfort and a good night's sleep...





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