Monday Morning Offering: 2/7

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God! 

I noticed the other day 
that the sun is setting later
and the days are getting longer...

I did some checking and found that
after the winter solstice on 12/21
the sun sets 2 minutes and 7 second later
every day...

So that means that sunset today
will be an hour and forty minutes later
than back just before Christmas...

An hour and forty minute difference
that I only noticed a few days ago
and as you know, Lord,
I'm looking for, longing for spring time,
even now in early February...

But I hadn't noticed the change
as it took its time in coming, as it waited 
on the harmony of the spheres 
to yield a longer day...
So, I'm wondering, Lord,
in how many other ways, times and places
do you take your time in making changes
in the world, in the church, in my family - in me?

How often do I miss the momentum
of your mending our brokenness,
restoring our integrity,
healing our wounds,
reconciling opposites, 
calming our fears,
showing us the way,
relieving our suffering,
resolving our distress,
restoring creation, 
making peace
sometimes, even often,
2 minutes and 7 seconds at a time...

I offer you this morning, Lord:
my desire to see more clearly
how, minute by minute and second by second,
your Spirit is always moving among us,
changing the world for the better
and changing my life, slowly but surely,
in ways I may often miss until I notice
the darkness receding,
the days getting longer
and spring coming closer every day,
minute by minute and second by second...




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