Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/15

One day last week, Lord, 
I was watching some children
having a very good time together:
nothing special or out of the ordinary,
just youngsters playing together,
kids enjoying being kids,
as only kids can do...

I wondered, Lord,
    would they remember the joy of that moment
    tomorrow...  next week or next month...
    next year or years from now...

And I asked myself:
    how many moments of carefree play
        have I known -but long since forgotten?
How many peaceful times
    are filed deep in my memories, Lord, 
        not lost - but now beyond my reach?
How many joyful moments,
    now embedded, hidden in my heart,
        have made me who I am?

So often, Lord, I remember my troubles
    but forget what made me happy;
 my sorrows possess me,
    while joy slips through my fingers...

My childhood was long ago
     so help me remember, Lord, 
help me trust the joy  
    of playful moments I've forgotten
and all the times throughout my life
    when peace has ruled my heart,
    when joy has healed my sorrow,
    when grace has touched my soul...
Help me plumb again the depths
    of all the blessings, all the joys,
        remembered and forgotten,
    that have made me who I am,
    that live within me now,
    that give me hope in you
        from whom all joys and blessings flow... 





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