Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 2/8

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If what they say about snowflakes is true, Lord:
    that no two are exactly alike,
how much more true must that be
    of human hearts...

Each heart has its own history,
it's own unique set of circumstances,
shaped and molded by the histories
of so many other human hearts,
each heart's story written and told
in its own unique voice,
each story marked by the mystery
of your individual and singular touch
upon every human heart
you have created, loved, touched,
mended, healed, redeemed and saved...

You love each heart you've made, Lord
   - you love my heart -
as you've loved no other heart in history
   - neither more nor less than any other -
but with a singular love
for the unique human person I am
and will, with your grace, become...

With what great care then, Lord,
ought I approach any man or woman
for each is loved by you
as you have loved no other creature on earth
since before time began...

With what great openness then
should I honor all the differences,
all the way others are not like me
for you love us in our differences
as much - or even more - 
than in all the ways we are alike...
With what great patience, Lord,
must I wait on how others grow,
how they change and respond to me,
to others, to life, to the world around us:
as I'd have others be patient with me 
so must I be patient with them
and with their stories...
Help me learn, Lord, 
that one size does not fit all,
that as much as you love all of us equally,
so do you love each of us individually,
in ways uniquely intended, suited, 
custom tailored for the one person
you've made each of us to be...





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