Dinner at DaVinci

Dinner on Saturday night at DaVinci Bistro in Sudbury was excellent!
My entree was the day's catch: a moist piece of swordfish topped with a tomato chutney which proved to be a perfect accent for this perfectly cooked seafood.  In the photo, the swordfish is the lower portion of the entree and above it are two halves of a vegetable boat: a hollowed zucchini stuffed with summer squash, onions and asparagus bits - topped with just a little cheese. A delicious boatload of summer's harvest.   Culinary artist Chef Peppino signed his work with a smiling balsamic swordfish - a fanciful flourish on one of the finest meals I've had this summer. And that reminds me that I need to catch you up on a new place I discovered when I was recently in Georgetown, CO - stay tuned!  And in the meantime, get yourself to DaVinci!




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