NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 6/2

I drive by this sign all the time, Lord:
So I thank my Methodist friends 
for this daily reminder 
to seek, to expect, to find, to live
    in the joy you promise,
    the joy you offer,
    the joy that's mine in you
        in good times and bad,
        in sickness, in health,
        in the best and worst of times...
But sometimes I'm really slow, Lord, 
I find it hard, might even refuse
to seek and expect, to find and to live
in the joy you always offer...
Sadness and grief overwhelm me,
worry and fear take charge of my thoughts:
I lose sight, perhaps I even lose hope
    of the joy that's greater than all my troubles,
    the joy you've promised always to be,
    the joy that awaits me, even now,
        as I make my way, stumbling through 
        my valley of shadows and tears...
I may lack the heart to rejoice today
(my vision of joy, blurred by tears)
but I do have the faith to ask you, Lord,
to walk by my side, to lead and to guide me
    to seek and expect, to find and to live
    the joy that is mine in you...

Let me say it again, Lord, one more time:
    the joy that is mine in you...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

I couldn't decide between two songs for tonight's music, so I'm including both.
The first is new to me, the second is an old favorite here.
The Lord Is My Joy by Nathan Partain
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The Lord is my joy, the Lord is my joy,
When all that I have is lost, I find
The Lord is my joy.

The Lord is my strength, the Lord is my strength,
When I am too weak to go on, I find
The Lord is my strength.

My all in all is he, my healing King,
My Master tends to me, for him, my soul shall sing.

The Lord is my rock, the Lord is my rock,
When all I have faith in fails, I find
The Lord is my rock.

The Lord is my delight, the Lord is my delight,
Above all the joys of life, I find
The Lord is my delight.

My all in all is he, my breath, my song.
In him, I have everything; to him, my soul belongs.

I wait, and wait upon you, to come for me in rescue.
Give strength, my heart is failing, yet still, my lips will praise you.

And with his wings he covers me, he keeps his watch while I’m asleep,
I offer all my thoughts and dreams, I give my savior everything.

You who gave your only son, I dare not doubt your steadfast love.
Come, I beg you take my life, if I am yours then all is right.

My all in all is he, my dearest friend.
I put my trust in him; on him, my soul depends. 

Psalm 23 by Stuart Townend  

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