NIGHT PRAYER: Sunday 7/17

On Sundays, Night Prayer will focus on an element from the day's celebration of Mass. Tonight we reflect on the story of Jesus' visit to the home of his friends, Martha and Mary - and the difference in how each of these two sisters welcomed their guest...

So, Lord, once again,  
it's the Martha and Mary Show!
Or maybe we should call it
the Martha OR Mary Show
since so often we're asked to choose and decide 
which of the sisters we most resemble...
Well, I don't think I could ever be charged
with being too much like Mary 
    (attentive, prayerful disciple) 
or too much like Martha
    (hardworking, conscientious servant)...
At best I'm somewhere in-between,
    relying on your mercy
for not knowing or not choosing
    what you name "the better part..."
But I know you loved both sisters
    so I trust, Lord, you love me
both when my prayer prompts me to serve,
    and when my work leads me to pray...

Protect me, Lord, while I'm awake
and watch over me while I sleep
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep rest in your peace...

Tonight's music is a delightful, simple folk song 
calling all the Marthas and Marys among us 
to love and serve the Lord! 
Come Mary, Come Martha by Anna Purdum
If a video doesn't appear below, click here!




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