Pause for Prayer: 7/12

Lord, it took too many decades
before I truly welcomed your grace
    astir in my heart,
    restless in my soul
    patiently waiting to move me to joy
       in the midst of my troubles,
    to lead me to peace
       when my burdens are many,
    to know your healing
       while my heart still aches,
    to rest content
       in my discontent,
    to trust in your presence
       when I cannot find you...

Too many decades, Lord,
to come to this time and finally find
        greater than I've ever known,
        deeper that I'd ever imagined,
        stronger than I ought deserve...

Too many decades, Lord,
   but now, in your time
     which is right on time,
   now, not too late
      (only why not before?)
   now, in this moment
      (may it long endure!)
   now, in your grace
      (so freely given)
   now, in your arms
      (so strong and embracing)
   now, yes right now
      and as never before,
   now, hear my praise, Lord,
      my heart's grateful song,
   now in this moment,
      the day you have made...





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