NIGHT PRAYER: Friday 8/26

Tonight's the rehearsal, Lord,
and tomorrow's the wedding 
of a woman I've known since she was a child...
Her family, and the groom's too, 
have long been part of my life
and I part of theirs as well...
What a grace, Lord, to have such friends
    born of the love we share in you,
    nourished at your table where we have prayed,
    strengthened by our serving your people's needs,
    one in your Spirit whose grace enfolds us...
What a joy, Lord, to stand with them
    as they stand before you and pledge their love...
What love, Lord, they'll promise to live,
    in good times and bad, in sickness and health,
    all the days of their lives...
What peace, Lord, for their parents to know
    their children have chosen wisely,
    have waited some time to find the right partner,
    and share the faith on which marriage thrives:
        in each other, in you, in your love...

What contentment for me, Lord,
    to have shared in the story
    that brings Kevin and Betsy together, for life;
what gratitude fills my heart, just to know,
    how you weave yourself through the hearts of us all,
    how you love us as your espoused...
So, let's pray tonight for Betsy and Kevin,
    for a long, happy, healthy marriage;
may their union endure whatever may come
    and bear fruit of the love they share...
Protect us, Lord, while we're awake
and watch over us while we sleep
that awake, we might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace...

My searching for music for Night Prayer
    continually brings me to amazing finds like this one!
A Nuptial Blessing 
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May God bless you, hold and keep you,
    may God's mercy shine on you;
guide your work and guard your resting,
    keep your love forever new.
1. May God satisfy your longing, 
        be refreshment at your table,
            and provide your daily bread,
    guard your going and your coming, 
        be the solace in your silence:
            life within the lives you wed.
2. May God join your hopeful spirits, 
        fill your hearts with truth and courage,
            trust to share both joy and tears,
    teach love to your children’s children; 
        may your household learn to witness
            living faith through all your years.
3. May God make your home a refuge 
        where you warmly welcome strangers
            and the lowly find a place;
    make you caring, kind companions, 
        help you meet the needs of neighbors,     
            finding Christ in every face.




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