Monday Morning Offering: 9/12

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!
Yesterday, on a glorious Sunday afternoon,
I made the acquaintance of a hummingbird moth,
an amazing creature who caught my eye,
my interest and prayerful imagination...

She made no objection to my calling her Helen
    - so, Helen her name shall be!
Now, she wasn't terribly talkative,
so busy was she about her work 
- or better yet, your work, Lord -
since her life seems entirely given
to doing just what you've asked of her
and only that: nothing more, nothing less... 

Helen appears to enjoy her work:
    visiting gardens and window boxes,
    mixing and mingling among the blooms,
    fluttering, hovering, sipping discreetly
    from snifters of nectar's sweetest dew... 
Helen plays no favorites, Lord:
    her dance card full and light on her wings,
    she trips the light fantastic
    with every bloom at the party... 

She may live as long as seven months
or as little as three to five weeks
but the whole of her life, as brief as it is,
will be spent, Lord, in serving you...
I offer this morning a simple prayer,
may I live my life as Helen lives hers:
    busy about the work you've assigned me
        humbly accepting the tasks that are mine;
    gracefully finding peace and contentment,
        simply by going wherever you lead me,
    happy to be in the place that's mine,
        sipping what joy may come my way;
    dancing with all who take my hand
        and taking the hand of all I meet... 

I cannot know, Lord, the day or the hour
but the time will come when you call me home:
    may I spend my life, be it long or short
    like Helen, my friend, the hummingbird moth...



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