NIGHT PRAYER: Thursday 9/22


I’m airborne again, Lord, and I know
   I’m no closer to you at 37,000 feet
      than I am when I’m on the ground,
but there’s something about breaking free 
`of my body’s natural limits,
there’s something about defying gravity
   and lifting, rising, soaring, flying  - weightless:
      as light as the spirit within me,
      as light as the soul you gave me
   the soul where you, Lord, come to dwell
      and make your home in my heart…

Clouds above and clouds below, Lord, 
    looking at clouds from all sides now; 
aloft, afloat, on silver wings, 
    closer and closer to “higher than"
but no closer, Lord, to you, up here, 
    than down in the valley below… 
Down where the flowing Creek of your grace 
    made crystal clear your presence and touch: 
the peace of your Spirit dwelling within, 
    the heavens at peace in my soul…
And just as I prayed just a few weeks back: 
    no matter how high the altitude, 
    regardless of my haughty attitude
    in spite of all my ineptitude, 
        - because of your beatitude 
    as I flew through the heavens today, Lord
    may you rest in my heart tonight… 
Protect me, Lord, while I’m awake 
and watch over me while I sleep 
that awake, I might keep watch with you
and asleep, rest in your peace…


You Are Near by Dan Schutte 

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Lord, I know you are near,
standing always at my side.
You guard me from the foe,
and you lead me in ways everlasting.

Lord, you have searched my heart,
and you know when I sit and when I stand.
Your hand is upon me protecting me from death,
keeping me from harm.

Where can I run from your love?
If I climb to the heavens you are there;
if I fly to the sunrise or sail beyond the sea,
still I'd find you there.

You know my heart and its ways,
you who formed me before I was born
in the secret of darkness before I saw the sun
in my mother's womb.

Marvelous to me are your works;
how profound are your thoughts, my Lord.
Even if I could count them, they number as the stars,
you would still be there.





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