Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/2

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when I feel like I'm drowning….

drowning in my work and responsibilities,
in my fears and anxiety,
in my worries, doubts and troubles…

drowning in my loss, my loneliness and grief,
in my self and in my passions,
in my confusion and my foolishness…

drowning in my sins and in my failures,
in my sorrow and my hopelessness...

when I feel like I'm drowning...

remind me that you're always there, Lord:
that you see me in the depths,
that you reach down and take my hand
to draw me up and out
until I break the surface
and your Spirit breathes in me
until I breathe again in hope
to live another day...

remind me, Lord, 
that you walk the waters of my life
and will not let me perish:
that you rescue me and pull me
from the depths when I am sinking,
that you save me from myself...

remind me that you'll never forget me,
never abandon me,
never let me slip beyond your grasp
but that your hand will hold me fast
and pull me free of danger
'til I rest, secure and safe, 
in you, my Lord, my Savior...





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